Saints Peter & Paul School Tours

You’ll see just how our students engage in hands-on learning experiences with interactive lessons in a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment.

Our key areas of study include:

  • Pre-reading & pre-writing
  • Basic numbers & patterns
  • Neighborhood geography
  • Project-based engineering
  • Social skills in groups
  • Life skills and preparedness

Get a first hand glimpse at how our students learn to apply their foundational knowledge to the world around them—deepening their literary repertoire—and making connections to themselves, their families, and their classmates.

Our key areas of study include:

  • Intensive writing
  • Verbal articulation
  • Mathematical problem-solving
  • Introspection & worldviews
  • Self-discovery & critical thinking

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Now enrolling for Fall 2024
  • Tour our school
  • Meet our staff, ask questions, and make connections
  • See what the student journey looks like from start to finish

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