Uniform Guidelines

Look good.
Feel good.

SSPP School maintains a strong tradition of school uniforms that reflect our community’s school pride.

Students are expected to arrive and leave school in their proper uniform attire every day. 

Students who are out of compliance in regard to school uniform or demonstrate unacceptable grooming habits will be subject to interventions as indicated in the Expectations and Guidelines for Conduct section of the Student/Parent handbook. 

Use these photos of some of our students as a guideline for day-to-day uniform standards. Click here to download our detailed uniform policy.

Dress Up Days

Our students get dressed to the nines with dress up days!

Boys in grades K-5 wear dress pants, and button down shirts or shirts with a collar. Boys in grades 6-8 get to wear dress pants, shirts, ties, and dress shoes.

Girls in all grades wear skirts or dresses of modest length. They’re also able to wear dress pants and dress shoes.

Dress Down Days

From time-to-time, our students are treated with dress down days!

All students are free to wear jeans, khaki pants, or cargo pants (or shorts, depending on the season), with the school-appropriate top of their choice.