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Carey Perez

Pre-K4 Teacher


This is my very first year teaching in the classroom after completely changing career paths. My heart has always resided in the classroom and I am so happy and excited to be here teaching in Pre-K4! I just recently got married to my husband, Ricky and I am a mother of two beautiful children: Brinley Grace (2 years old) and Braylon Robert (3 months old).

My Most Memorable Classroom Moment(s)

Back when I was student teaching, I had a little girl in my class who struggled with reading comprehension. I remember the lead teacher in the room not having the time to do one-on-one with her, as she did have a class of 17 students. I was able to speak with my lead teacher and her mother to come up with a plan to help her reach her reading goals in order for her to not fall behind. I met with her one-on-one twice weekly and as the weeks went passed, she absolutely thrived. I will never forget her being the “book helper” one week toward the end of the year and reading aloud to her classmates. It was such an “a-ha” moment for me, not only in the classroom, but also in life. I have truly held that story in my mind and heart since it occurred. I really believe that is what brought me back in this classroom today!

My Hobbies Outside Of School

In my free time, you will always see me with a book in my hand and music playing. I love traveling and experiencing new places with my family! I love baseball and the outdoors. I was a pitcher for the Canisius softball team during my college years. I have played competitive softball since I was 8 years old!

My Degrees/Certifications

Bachelors of English