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Nancy Jo Fetzer

Grade 2 Teacher


I am Ms. Nancy Fetzer. I have been teacher in Catholic schools for about 28 years. I absolutely love the smaller school community and these families. SSPP has brought me some wonderful friends both small and tall. The spirit here is so uplifting and caring. I enjoy reading, going out to the movies, vacationing, and hanging out with my family. I have 3 daughters and a granddaughter who make me smile ear to ear. I love the summer months and relaxing with a good book on a hammock.

My Most Memorable Classroom Moment(s)

One year at SSPP, I was going through a hardship and around Thanksgiving through Christmas, the generosity of my family here at SSPP were amazing!! Every time I turned around there was somebody or something to lift the burden. I feel like I have made many close connections with students and parents over the years.

My Hobbies Outside Of School

One of my favorite places to travel to is the Outer Banks! So many family memories! I absolutely love the beach! I’m also a big movie goer who gets the biggest container of Popcorn! I have 3 cats.

My Degrees/Certifications

Masters Degree in Education from Buffalo State College