Rachael Simon

School Librarian


Oh hey there! Here are a few nuggets of info about this gal: I like to catch the sun, spend time reading or playing video games with my family, and listen to music while cooking or cleaning. (Okay, I actually don’t like the cleaning part, but who does? And that’s fine, because we have children for that.) This is my third year as the school Librarian, and I love to read and entertain all the kiddos. I have a wonderful relationship with the man upstairs, in fact, we are married. His name is Joe Simon, he resides on the second floor, and he is quite a lucky fellow if I do say so myself. We have three wonderful daughters who attend SSPP, Eva, Zoe and Natalie, as well as a little prince, Peter, who attends Discovery School. I LOVE my job at SSPP, getting a free ride to school with the fam, and hanging out with a great staff. Please feel free to contact me anytime, I will surely respond to email as well as air mail. Prepaid return postage only. Thank you for letting me teach your children!!!

My Most Memorable Classroom Moment(s)

Our school’s annual Book Fair allows me to connect with students on an individual level as well as a class level, because I get to see firsthand what kind of books ignite their love of reading. When students ask me to purchase books for our school library, I feel very encouraged and eager to provide books that will excite all readers. I especially enjoy when students check out books with confidence, as well as when students ask for help. I love recommending books for all ages, and I am always pleased to hear feedback.

My Hobbies Outside Of School

Our family currently cares for 7 chickens and two cats! I am always adopting garden snails, and I am hoping to add a class pet to the school library this year! How about, Pages with Python? We may be purchasing (another) baby ball python soon. RIP Mango Tango

My Degrees/Certifications

New York State Initial Certificate, Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) Degree in French Education (Grades 1-9) SUNY Fredonia